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The Funding Platform - Reg D 506 C Promotion

The SEC recently approved the new rules for Regulation D, Rule 506(b) and 506(c). REG d FundingSometime in early September of this year we will begin assisting issuers and placement agents in promoting their debit and equity private placements (See our: Terms of Service).

The Funding Platform originally was destined to be a Reg. D funding portal, but as of recently we have decided to act strictly as a third party internet marketing company. As a company, we have depth experience in both private financing and internet marketing. It is a unique combination of skills.

Now anyone with a Regulation D, Rule 506c Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) can hire us to drive potential accredited investors to their offering that will effectively communicate the offer's value proposition while pre-qualifying prospective investors. If you don't have a PPM we help you produce one.

Our internet marketing programs focus on soliciting the right audience for the least amount of money possible. Most promotional campaigns will consist of direct e-mail marketing to opt-in accredited investor lists, the use of micro websites to motivate affinity groups to seek more information and the use of social media to generate "buzz" for your offering. We use targeted news releases to ignite interest with affinity groups qualified to invest in your PPM.

Each promotional campaign is custom designed to match investor demographics and interests. Campaigns can use a wide range of internet marketing channels. The following is a list of some of the different marketing channels we may incorporate into a single campaign:

• Accredited investor list development (U.S. and international)
• E-mail (Drip and broadcast)
• News release services (PR Newswire & PRWeb)
• Social media (Targeted conversation engagement, advertising, event promotion)
• Webinar and podcasting (Scheduled)
• Organic video creation and promotion
• Paid search (Text and video)
• Multiple micro site creation to support multiple promotional themes

Investor traffic is pre-screened through the use of questionnaires', however; the issuer or placement agent ultimately determines eligibility.

We can also assist in the creation of all necessary qualifying documentation. This includes the following:

Private Placement Memorandum ("PPM"): The PPM is the disclosure prospectus, which provides full disclosure to investors prior to investing. Subscription     Documentation: the subscription document serves as the sales contract for selling the securities (stock, LLC membership units, notes, bonds, etc.) to the investors;
Term Sheet: a summarized version of the offering terms used for certain initial contact and interaction with investors;
Investor Suitability Questionnaire: The investor suitability questionnaire provides you with certain critical information about the investors financial wherewithal and status as an accredited or non-accredited investor;
Bond or Note Agreement: in debt offerings this is the debenture agreement between the investor and the company
State and Federal Securities Filings Private placement offerings are subject to filing requirements at the State and Federal level.
U2 Filing Review: this filing is utilized at the State level
Form ID EDGAR Access Filing Review: EDGAR is the system used by the SEC to transmit and manage your SEC filing. We review your Form ID EDGAR access filing for accuracy ensuring your EDGAR account is properly created with the SEC.
Form D Federal Filing: Utilized with the SEC to ensure all sales are in compliance with SEC filing guidelines.


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