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Adam Dicker - Marketing Director

Adam is a lifelong entrepreneur who at age 18 received a $100,000 job offer while he was just beginning university. He got online in 1985 right after he got his first Macintosh computer. In 1989, Adam ran a large computer store in Toronto until 1994 when he started his own Internet Service provider. After that he was hooked on the Internet. Adam registered his first domain name in 1996, and is one of a small group of individuals to sell a domain name for seven figures. In 2003, he purchased, now the most popular domain name forum on the Internet, which welcomes both beginners and domain industry experts alike. Adam has been a frequent speaker at T.R.A.F.F.I.C., the leading industry conference in the domain industry, and has been nominated for several Traffic Awards over the years. 

He was elected to the “Domainer Hall of Fame” in 2011, and more recently in 2014 he was voted “Developer of the Year” and “Domainer of the Year.” In 2007, Adam joined GoDaddy as VP of their Domain Aftermarket, and while there was involved in brokering, executive accounts, domain buying and parking, appraisals, backorders, listings, relationship management, as well as managing a large staff of people remotely and locally. Also in 2007, Logistik Labs named Adam one of the 20 most influential people in the domain industry.

In 2009, Adam started, an award-winning agency specializing in Internet Marketing and Web Development. is a spin-off of DCG focusing on websites designed for specific categories that can be developed quickly.

In 2011, Adam created DNF College as a place for those who were new to the industry to have a place to learn in a very focused and deliberate way. DNF College is akin to getting a degree in domain investing. When he is not working Adam is spending time with the people who matter most in the world to him, his wife Wendy, and his four incredible children; Jordan, Corey, Julie, and Amanda.

Robert Bibb - CEO

Mr. Robert Bibb's love for Search Engine Optimization started well over a decade ago. His first voyage into the world of technology came when he opened a small dial up internet company in his home town. The company quickly grew from small start up to a state wide internet provider. This was the taste Mr. Bibb needed to find his path in life.

Soon after the success of his first internet based company Mr. Bibb broadened his horizons and seen the vast potential the world wide web had to offer. He soon sold this company and moved into the world of online sales. Its this that lead to his passion of online marketing. Having this new virtual business opened his eyes to difficulty of brining your targeted visitors to your product. After years of trial and error he started to see the big picture, and very swiftly switched his focus to this new found love for online marketing.

Its now been over a decade since Mr. Bibb has been revolutionizing how online marketing works. Paring known strategies with successful automation his company has wrote the book on how to successfully and affordably market your online business. The platform used by our technicians is now over 2 billions lines of code operating on nearly a dozen servers across the planet with well over 1000 proxies caring out millions of daily tasks to drive your business to success.

Mr. Bibb is an avid online gamer and kayaker in the hills of west virginia where he still enjoys spending most of his year in his home town living on his little slice of paradise carved in those very hills. When Mr. Bibb is not in WV he spends his time in Colombia South America in a city called Medellin usually about 6 months out of the year where he plans and strategizes new implementations to the WebWorks Digital Vortex Marketing System. He is far from slowing down and strives to keep his company at the top of its field to continue to provide outstanding services for years to come.

Eric Nester - President

Mr. Nester got a jump start in the technology field when enrolling in college at just 17. He was awarded multiple academic scholarships for excellency and decided to attend the International Academy of Design and Technology in 2004. Mr. Nester graduated top of his class with high honors. Mr. Nester also received several awards for being an invaluable asset to fellow students.

Eric joined the company through an internship program in 2005 when the company was in its infancy. Starting at the ground floor he has proven him self an invaluable asset time and time again, and quickly progressed through the ranks of the company. His views on Search Engine Optimization and Automation theories provided ground breaking advancements in our platform.

Responsibilities cover a wide range from work flow management, corporate web & graphic design, system process analysis, all the way to company budgeting and infrastructure setup. His ideas and analogical points of view helped to sculpt and mold the company and our automated system to what you see today.

When Mr. Nester isn't hard at work he enjoys spending time with his friends and family in West Virginia. He is an avid firearms enthusiast and hobbies include ATV riding, fishing, movies, and advancing his education.

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