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Thanks for choosing Blackwood Productions one of the leading innovators of cutting edge internet marketing tools and SEO platforms that ultimately help websites realize better ROI and create significant and creditable web following. BWP created and developed the WebWorks Internet Marketing Platform, which now powers thousands of websites across the world wide web, streamlining some of the most important search engine optimization processes.

Our highly-researched and constantly-improved platform targets 3 of the most important aspects of search engine marketing and optimization:

       (1) determining the most appropriate target keywords that will bring the best ROI,
       (2) writing brilliant and highly relevant content which not only captures reader's attention, but encourages them to subscribe to your product,
creating a relevant and profitable following.

Blackwood Productions has been in the business for at least a decade, and we have since been helping all kinds of businesses succeed in their web optimization and marketing campaigns. We keep our system up-to-date with the current trends set by search engines, and our platforms can cope up with major search engine algorithm changes and updates, like the recent "Panda" and "Penguin" update from Google.

No one ever dare to know or assume they know Google's search algorithm but with that said we never use spam strategies to avoid getting penalized and blacklisted by them. In fact we adhere to their guidelines to the letter.

Our WebWorks Internet Marketing Platform is especially designed to minimize and simplify time consuming and repetitive tasks associated with proper search engine optimization. It automates SEO page creation as well as link-building processes, while making sure you have 100% control on linking.

Simply put, we determine the value of potential linking partners, but it is up to you to choose sites you want to develop linking relationships with. We manage more than 38,000 small- to medium-sized info and business websites to date. This means you get to exchange relevant links with hundreds, and even thousands of like websites within the network alone. All links and websites within our system are thoroughly reviewed for worthiness and value, so you can be sure to get only significant links for your website.

Not only do we offer an unbeatable system—our platform, plug-ins, and programs are also offered at competitive prices. Moreover, features that are normally sold as price upgrades by competing SEO companies come standard with our WebWorks Access System, which means we can have your SEO needs covered at the best value.

By: Tom Blakeley

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