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Using a Press Release as an Internet Fire Starter

At Blackwood Productions we have discovered that by using multiple Internet marketing channels that work together as opposed to individually the results are better. It’s similar to what military personnel call a “force multiplier.”  For example, we might use a news wire service to distribute a news release promoting a “sweepstakes”, or “special offer”, or “game play” for a client that drives traffic to a Facebook or Tumblr page.  Using a custom social network app, we put up a “fan gate” on specific social platform landing page and ask the visitor to click the “Like” button in order to get to the offer. Then we capture an e-mail address and ask a couple of questions which help to better segment the incoming contacts. The campaign visitor is then directed to a thank you page.

Based on segmentation, the visitor moves from “visitor” to “prospect” status and receives a series of e-mails over a scheduled period of time from a preset auto responder.  Answers to questions on subsequent e-mails may lead to triggering a different series of e-mail from another preset auto responder. The idea is to engage the visitor and deliver information relevant to their interests. Relevant engagement develops trust, sparks motivation, and generates referrals that eventually lead to sales.  The force multiplier in this scenario is the competent integration of multiple Internet marketing channels. Additionally, we will usually manage the messaging for a client’s multiple social platforms on a daily basis. Thereby increasing the keyword activity associated with a client’s social singling.

We think in terms of “digital campaign wheels.” A client may have one campaign wheel per month, week or yes, even daily. The underlying strategy is to always have something working.  The previous example was a simple digital campaign wheel. We might create several campaign wheels and multiple touch points (spokes) for each campaign wheel; it just depends on the client’s marketing objectives.

The “Fire Starter” is the news release. A news release that is distributed by a major news distributor like PRNews Wire or Reuters will reach hundreds if not thousands of media outlets. This fast and meaningful type of exposure is difficult to replicate for the money.  Similar exposure using Google AdWords may cost thousands of dollars compared to a well-placed news release may cost $300 - $500. We use the news release to initiate a digital campaign wheel. Some turn into large forest fires of traffic, some a bonfire, and some a small campfire. We actually don’t always know what is going to take off or not. The key to success is to keep trying different things and keep the digital campaign wheels turning.  Once we hit on something, we can augment, enhance or optimize for even more dramatic results.

A well-prepared e-mail broadcast to an existing client base or following may also be used as a fire starter.  Normally, this approach assumes the respondents will be considered a little further down the sales funnel and will have less qualifying or segmenting needs.  Sales cycles can be shortened. Customer satisfaction, loyalty, and life cycle can be extended if this approach is not overused or abused. Blackwood Productions has been helping clients with their digital marketing needs since 2003. Please contact us to discuss your Internet based marketing objectives. We will tell you how to meet them.
By: Tom Blakeley

PowerPoint Presentation: Below is a powerpoint presentation explaining how the Press Release works and benefits you.


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