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What Exactly is Remarketing?

’Remarketing’ is one of Google’s latest ad innovations. It allows you—the advertiser— to show ads to users who have already been to your website before, essentially make a follow-up, and ensure that they do not forget you.

If you’re an advertiser looking to increase sales, then you need to understand what remarketing is all about and how you can use it to boost customer engagement, loyalty, and conversion. The surest way to enjoy all the benefits of this advertising strategy is to sign up for our remarketing packages.

Is Remarketing Different From Regular Ads?

Google Remarketing Ads Yes. With retargeting, you are showing ads only tousers who have already visited your website and experienced your brand. These are people who have shown some interest in your product or service before, but perhaps were not yet ready to purchase it back then. Remarketing ensures that your product or service stays visible to these people when they are ready to buy. Your brand remains top of mind, thereby increasing conversion.

How Do You Use Remarketing?

First, you need to determine what categories you want to promote and then tag the pages that correspond to them. For instance, you may add a ‘cupcake’ tag on all of pages of your website where you sell cupcakes. Then you can proceed to start an AdWords campaign designed to show special cupcake discounts, for example, to people who have visited your tagged pages.

You can choose to target only users that visited specific sections of your website, or everyone who visits any part of your site. Either way, you only advertise to people who have seen your brand previously—people who already have some level of interest in what you offer, and just need a little bit of a push to become buyers.

The campaign is highly customizable. For example, you can set it up so that ads are never again shown to people who have already converted (bought something, for example). You can also show converted visitors new ads so that they don’t feel bombarded by the same message over and over. The system likewise allows you to control which websites show your ads. In short, you are given full control of who sees your advertisements and who don’t.

Retargeting— unlike display advertising measurement—gives credit to both view-through and click-though conversions. Click-throughs are conversions resulting from someone clicking an ad served to them. View-throughs, meanwhile, are conversions attributed to a different channel.

Getting the Most of a Remarketing Campaign

To get the most of your remarketing campaign, you need to design new ads. It’s not enough to use your old display ads, as your audience is now more specific. You are talking to people who already know you and just need a bit of a reminder. Studies show that banner ads that are more personal—even quirkier—perform much better in remarketing. These ads do not only need to catch the visitor’s eye—they also have to trigger the memory of their last visit to your website. While brand names and logos remain vital, creative messaging is king.

Figuring out the right display frequency is likewise crucial. Marketing statistics imply that a user should see your ad seven to 12 times in 30 days for optimum conversion. However, you cannot serve them the same ad repeatedly—doing so can have a negative effect. Users may begin to think that you are spamming. Remember: There is very fine line between targeting customers and bombarding them with repetitive ads, so tread lightly. 

Finally, remarketing requires ongoing optimization. In order to succeed in remarketing, you need to commit to it. Remarketing campaigns become more effective when they have been running for a considerable amount of time. As your campaign runs, your audience grows bigger. So unless you have the skills and the time to learn, build out, and measure a remarketing channel, you are better off working with professionals.

Leave it to the Experts

Using remarketing technology to its fullest requires expertise. To get more value for your money, we suggest you sign up for our remarketing packages.

We do all the hard work for you, ensuring that you get the highest possible return on your advertising dollars.  From defining your strategy to setting up parameters and implementing codes to the most optimum pages, we cover everything that needs to be done to get your campaign up, running, and converting. Our goal is to let you harness the full potential of this powerful advertising strategy,  so we’re on your team all the way.  We even help you design banner ads and custom landing pages for your remarketing campaign. Throughout the campaign, we will tirelessly analyze and test your ads, landing pages, and display strategy across the board, until you achieve the highest possible conversion.

If you’re ready to give remarketing a try, fill out the form for more information.


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